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SAP Business One removes “The Big Data Problem” in Batch Traceability

SAP Business One removes “The Big Data Problem” in Batch Traceability

We’ve all heard the term Big Data and its loose definition of large volumes of data. Constantly hearing about its related problems with data capture, storage, search, analysis, and visualization (just to name a few). However, depending on the industry, product, and user, Big Data problems tend to be specific to you!

If you manufacture products inside a regulated industry, batch traceability is paramount. Simply saying “Batch Traceability” sounds easy, however, in reality, it’s a complicated multi-dimension industry issue which affects many parts of the business.

The problem arises when you must discover the cause to understand the outcome, despite the fact you may be undertaking a real life or simulated product analysis and recall. Looking through your batch record, Big Data is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Visualization is the best way to sift through the data haystack to find the information needlepoint to increase visibility, minimize the cost and time of analysis to make timely and educated decisions.

ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One, supplies a Batch Trace Visualization tool which provides such a solution for regulated industries, enabling users to quickly understand the batch path (both forward and backward) and batch status through the inventory and production flow process and to then drill down to understand the transactional effects and implications across the enterprise.



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