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Best Bookkeeping Software For a Small Business



One of the first steps for any business is to invest in bookkeeping software. Once a business begins to grow it will not be able to handle stock processing or sales processing that will be required. Standalone bookkeeping software is inefficient for a new and growing business. More integrated software will be required.


Bookkeeping software is, however, an important element for the financial processing of data. ERP systems have an accounting module within them which also covers the bookkeeping process. It allows the processing of transactions both in and out of the business and is an important pillar to have within the finance section of SAP Business One. This can be joined up with other areas of the business such as sales and customer management or your production planning and reporting, as well as having a complete financial picture in one system. Having this joined up also saves you having to re-enter details and will, therefore, cut down on the number of times data needs to be keyed into the system.


Depending on your requirements SAP Business One can deliver a comprehensive software solution that extends your business management software beyond bookkeeping. If you put an incoming payment into the system the journal will automatically be put on in the background, simplifying the bookkeeping process.

The accounting module will handle accounts receivable and accounts payable as expected. With the financial options SAP Business One offers, it can speed up your transaction processing and give clear visibility to your cash flow.


As well as accounts receivable and payable in SAP, you can do billing and invoicing and the system also can generate purchase orders. One example is you can run MRP and the system can tell you what you need to order generating the PO’s in the process. SAP Business One is a trusted fully customisable business management software solution and one of the best known in the marketplace.


Disparate systems including bookkeeping.

Your current solution does not handle purchasing, sales quotations or production processing costs.

Long winded process of entering information.

No clear visibility of cash flow.

Software keeps letting you down.

No reporting facility.


Integration with other key systems within SAP Business One.

Ability to handle purchasing, sales and production as well as finance.

Efficient entering and automation of journals.

Gives clear visibility of your cash flow.

Trusted and reliable software.

Excellent reporting features.

Using SAP Business One allows you to confidently manage company cash flow by looking at accounts receivable and payable and then you can run a report to inform you on the detail e.g. the transactions that have been happening over the last 2 days. The module can be customised to your requirements through labelling etc, providing a truly tailored solution for your business.


Having all your financial reporting in one system is perfect for managing all your financial processes. You are not switching systems or working off manual spreadsheets, freeing up more time and giving you easy access to reporting facilities.

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