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Best ERP software for a small business?

Best ERP software for a small business?

There are many ERP systems about but how do you navigate through the maze of options?

Do you have no visibility on reporting? Are you having issues with batch traceability? Do you have all key information in many spreadsheets?

Whatever the problem, a system such as SAP Business One can make things easier.

Is this the best ERP software for a small business and more importantly is it the best ERP system for you?

You would have to judge when you have seen the system through a demo, but what we can say is we want you to have the best solution to suit your needs now with some scope if your business grows.

What can SAP Business One do for you?

The system can give you the visibility you need to see key information clearly.

Everything can be managed through one single system saving time on keying in information and helping to generate reports easily – giving you the information on accounting, sales, inventory levels and production.

Concerned about the cost?

The beauty of SAP Business One is that the system is modular, so you can start small to suit your requirements now and then add new modules as your business grows or when you need them.

It’s an ideal system for a small or midsized business to take your processing and business to the next level.

Need support?

It’s fine someone selling you a system but what happens when you have a query about the software or a report doesn’t work, or you just can’t find that menu you had before?

Here at B1 Systems we run a support service to help you.  We will implement the software fully into your business and train you to use the system.

When you need to make that call for further help we are on hand to guide you to the solution you need through our support helpline.

If you would like more information, please contact us on either 01202 232 268, email us at, or fill out the form on the contact page.

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