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How SAP Business One transformed Blue Box Medical Ltd


Based in Southampton and formed in 2005, Blue Box Medical provide quality, affordable products to the UK healthcare market. With workforce obtaining a wealth of experience and knowledge of the healthcare and medical supplier industry whilst offering an excellent customer service and competitive pricing, makes Blue Box Medical the preferred supplier to many NHS Trusts.


Blue Box Medical offers a comprehensive range of tube and line fixations, elastomer balloon pumps for chemotherapy and pain management, a complete range of products for spinal and regional anaesthesia, pressure infusor cuffs, urodynamic consumables, wound drainage systems, endoscopy products and other surgical disposables.

The pressure of being a trusted and preferred supplier to many NHS Trusts caused them to see challenges in their growing business. Manual creation, processing, and filing of data and invoices was wasting valuable time. They knew they needed a solution for their continued business pain. With the upgraded SAP Business One model, Blue Box Medical was able to automate processes and successfully improve their workload and customer relationships.


See for yourself and get a full understanding of how SAP Business One transformed Blue Box Medical in this 1-page pdf.

Blue Box Medical

We now have a database where everyone who needs to can coherently access and communicate information across the business. ”

Lizzie Harrison

Finance Manager, Blue Box Medical

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