Correct batch control increases profits and reduces inventory obsolescence
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Correct batch control can increase profits and reduce inventory obsolescence

Correct batch control can increase profits and reduce inventory obsolescence

How often when a product was planned to be sold or used in production do you find the batch was near its expiry date or had already expired?

The result, creating an inventory stock-out, a potential customer lost order, lost revenue and profits, including an obsolete inventory write-off. Between a combination of defining a warning period prior to expiry and calculating a planned inspection date, ProcessForce uses these features in conjunction with SAP Business One alerts and workflow tools, to correct batch control which helps reduce these business issues and maximise profit.

ProcessForce Batch Control and Traceability functions, alongside SAP Business One, provide the necessary process and controls to trace the genealogy of a product. While control functions manage the day-to-day operations of working with traceable products. (Discover more about ProcessForce within the Food and Beverage industry)

ProcessForce features


  • Batch and Serial number – define number formats and counters
  • Shelf Life – define the life period of a product in days and hours
  • Expiry  or Consume control – define batch management policy
  • Expiry Date – manual or calculated date based on shelf life period
  • Consume By
  • Vendor Batch Number – manually record the Vendor/Supplier batch number
  • Inspection date period –  define the period between inspection
  • Inspection dates – manual or calculated dates for future inspection dates
  • Warning inspection and expiry date – define the warning period for batch review
  • Batch properties and values – properties inherited from Product Master Data
  • Quality control results – actual test result values stored against batch properties
  • Complaints – review a list of batch related complaints
  • Batch genealogy tree – forward and backward historical view
  • Recall and Audit Report – list of customers and batch recall reconciliation
  • Drill down – transaction and document traceability navigation
  • Inventory and Batch reports


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