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Improve your CRM capabilities, with CRM for Outlook, sales, support and management.  It is easy to update SAP Business One tasks via Outlook. Whether it’s viewing a recent sale to a customer or updating a business opportunity, all this can be done directly in Outlook.


Making a user’s life simple, CRM for Outlook means no more wasted time opening separate applications for emails, sales activity tracking, and lead generation. Staff can execute key business processes and have them all captured and organised within your SAP Business One.


You can call your contacts on SAP Business One via Skype.

View LinkedIn profile in the ribbon or lookup in the browser.

Manage campaigns in MailChimp

Add contacts to your existing list.

Go directly to a Business Partner’s website.

Look up directions on Google Maps.



CRM for Outlook enables sales, support and management to perform and update important SAP Business One tasks directly in Outlook, saving time and increasing user adoption of your SAP Business One.


Whether you need to see the most recent sales to a customer or update a business opportunity on a lead you can now do this in Outlook.



  • By providing you with the right products and services along with a complete view of your customers and their needs, SAP Business One CRM lets you achieve higher sales revenue
  • Improving your response times to service calls and problem-resolving, will help you benefit from improved customer satisfaction
  • By managing your sales and opportunities efficiently, you will benefit from faster, more profitable sales conversions
  • Access to timely, accurate data on all aspects of the sales process will allow you to make better business decisions
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Making Your Complex Simple.