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Wholesale Distribution ERP Software

Distribution ERP Software


Not one business is alike, and this doesn’t change for wholesale distributors. With different requirements, needs, processes, and much more, SAP Business One is designed to fit any business.


In a highly competitive market place, success is achieved through excelling customer service and keeping prices competitive. As anyone involved in the distribution industry will know, fine lines are matched by thin margins, so making sure stock holding and internal processes are as streamlined as possible is essential. That’s where wholesale distribution ERP software comes into play.

SAP Business One distribution ERP software


Join the 30,000 customers worldwide who chose SAP Business One to go beyond standard wholesale distribution ERP software, by bringing their salesfinancial managementpurchasing, distribution, stock management, and customer relationships together through one integrated platform.


SAP Business One’s wholesale distribution ERP software allows users to forecast future demand, improve stock control, establish reorder points, and automate the creation of new orders.

Advanced stockholding

Our distribution ERP software integrates sale and purchasing to allow enhancement on forecasting. Wholesalers are always looking for ways to meet demands without over stocking. With SAP Business One’s Material Resource Planning (MRP) functionality, this couldn’t be easier. MRP with SAP Business One allows users to track stock against incoming demand.

Enhanced forecasting

To ensure stock is available to meet demand, having accurate sales data available to you easily is essential. With this type of information your business can enhance their purchasing functionality and ultimately benefit from economies of scale.

Supply chain management

Sales of items is important but having full control over your supply chain is even more crucial. Therefore, having wholesale distribution ERP software to manage your entire supply chain from beginning to end is needed. Therefore, stock can be available when needed and delivered at the right time.

Warehouse management software (WMS)


The WMS functionality is a unique solution designed for SAP Business One. As the manual overhead required to maintain accurate data can be back-breaking, this feature really becomes essential when Location Management and/or Batch Traceability are required within the business.


The available WMS application in SAP Business One’s distribution ERP software means your staff can carry out stock transactions through a wireless barcode scanner. The whole feature has been designed to help you:

Integrate your warehouse with the rest of your business

The WMS application is fully integrated into your SAP Business One system to allow real-time data to be shared across your whole organisation.

Optimise storage space

The WMS allows you to manage the movements of goods in multiple warehouses. With the ability to see real-time information of any item means your warehouse can manage even more complex processes quickly and efficiently.

Improve performance of staff

WMS, with the handheld devices, makes it easy for you to track the availability of any product. With this, stocktake time is minimised, and orders can be completed quickly. With this WMS available in SAP Business One, you will gain a more organised warehouse and the ability to manage complex processes.

A leading SAP Business One UK partner


An experienced and caring team can help smooth the SAP implementation process, as well as explain your options clearly from the outset.


Using a SAP Business One UK reseller such as B1 Systems means your SAP Business One cost and SAP Business One installation is in the hands of an experienced and honest SAP UK supplier.

With its WMS, SAP Business One is built to go beyond standard distribution ERP software. Why not get in touch; book a free demo today!


Making Your Complex Simple.