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Small Business Document Management Software

Document management is sometimes overlooked, but managing those ‘electronic’ and paper document is a critical aspect of running a small business. We all hear about the paperless office…however, achieving this is a different story…




Document management means different things to different people. It can refer to:

  • – Managing external documents coming into the business such as purchase invoice, or tenders, compliance documents and much more
  • – It can refer to managing document version control
  • – Or managing internal documents such as sales orders and quotes etc.


We often find documents come under two categories unstructured and structured. Unstructured information is a piece of information that does not have a home and is in an already defined manner such as word documents, excel files, pdf’s and pictures. Structured information can be documents such as Purchase Orders, Invoices and sales quotes that may have a unique I.D.



SAP Business One allows you to bring together the information in one place. Within SAP Business One unstructured data can be given a structure. The system allows you to set your own structure for files. Structured data is easy to see.


SAP supports document management with the use of attachments. Attachments can be applied to any part of the system and is dependent on the user. For example, when uploading an electronic contract or pdf these can be attached to a sales order. Also, technical specifications could be attached to bills of materials. There is no limit on the number of these that you can do.

The CKS.DMS system is the document management system within SAP Business One software that allows you to attach documents to a record, allowing you to keep relevant correspondence in one place. You could have a scoping document on a lead. It may well come in from an external source, different versions may come in if there is an update and you may need to circulate this internally. So, managing this document in one place avoids confusion as everyone knows where this information is kept in a business record, everyone is aware where the latest version is and it can be managed internally with comments on the document.


Scanning a document into the system will allow a search option across the whole archive meaning retrieval is quick and easy. The search facility allows searching of keywords so it can retrieve relevant documents. All useful and part of SAP Business One. It avoids the need for paper copies and entering information on different systems.



As a business grows getting the infrastructure right early and having a dedicated document management system can save so much time, as you know where the information is stored and everything is in a logical place and order.


If you are running paper-based processing the difference you will find when you use a document management system like the one within SAP Business One is the instantaneous, real benefits to your business.


Time-saving and a logical structure to your files add to the increased efficiency of your business. In addition to this, there are low set up and support costs with the document management software within SAP Business One. Also having automatic file storage, security for the information and one-click archiving gives many advantages to a busy company where automation adds so much to operational efficiency.


The intelligent search option is easy to use and makes finding documents so simple and straightforward. Also, as you can archive documents it gives a place to put older files that you don’t immediately need and is useful for sales orders, quotes and invoices which all can be archived.



The system is easy to install – you don’t need to have technical knowledge! The operation of the software is easy and does not require training.

To bring organisation and structure to your documents, having small business document management software is ideal and using part of SAP Business One to do this brings clarity, time saving and organisation to your business.

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