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Don’t fall behind in your industry: prepare for Industry 4.0

Don’t fall behind in your industry: prepare for Industry 4.0

We see evolution in everything and this doesn’t change in the world of technology. Drones delivering your Amazon parcels, robots thinking for themselves, driverless cars and planes, the way technology has developed in this generation would have been nearly impossible to have imagined over 10 years ago.

“Industry 4.0” is the term we are choosing to describe these ever-changing developments. Organizations investigating the new trends and ways they can adapt to Industry 4.0 is crucial if they want to compete in today’s business world.

Don’t fall behind in your industry: future-proof your business by following these steps.

Understand what your company needs

Whether it be improving your business’s processes or enhancing your workforce, identifying areas of improvements is the first step in understanding the benefits of Industry 4.0 for your business.

Pinpoint how Industry 4.0 can fulfil your business’s needs

Even as an SME, “Industry 4.0 can’t meet my business needs” is not an excuse.

Think about how far technology has come and then you’ll see there is nothing us humans can not accomplish. If the technology is not available now who’s to say it won’t be in the future.

Remember, future-proofing your business is the most important thing in this business world.

Once you have identified where you company needs improvement then recognise how Industry 4.0 can answer these requirements.

Test before you buy

Today’s world of technology is fast-changing, so it’s understandably hard to make the ultimate decision for what will impact your business positively and what will just be an expensive worthless add-on.

Testing the technology in your business before you buy is the best advice I can give you.

Just because it works for someone else does not mean it will work for you.

Educate your team and recruit for the skills you can’t train

To hopefully settle the fear of robots taking over our work positions, following the start of Industry 4.0, introducing Ai’s into workplaces will, in fact, introduce more jobs into your business and not decrease the workforce.

With more skills and jobs comes more training and recruitment to make sure all staff has the skills and knowledge required moving into Industry 4.0. This will reduce the anxiety which comes with every new era for the industry.

When a set of SME manufacturers were asked if they believed their existing ERP system was capable of supporting the move to Industry 4.0, only 34% were sure that their current system would comfortably assist this change.

Keeping up to date with the latest industry trends is the key to staying ahead of your competition and this can’t be done without a future-proof ERP.

SAP Business One is over 20 years old so it’s seen all types of eras of industry and it’s no wonder. This software was designed to adapt to the latest trends and ever-changing technology to enable a business to develop and grow.

Don’t fall behind in your industry: prepare for industry 4.0 with SAP Business One.

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