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Don’t stay frustrated with your Traceability and Scheduling Processes

Don’t stay frustrated with your Traceability and Scheduling Processes

There is enough stress in the factory already for manufacturers, so making jobs easier goes a long way. Staying frustrated with your Traceability and Scheduling Processes should not be an option. Having efficient processes to give you real visibility and control of your manufacturing operation can save so much time and it makes that work life just a bit more bearable.

Why not look at ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One?

Are any of these problems familiar to you? –

o   Production scheduling letting you down? If scheduling is nothing more than a planning board in the production office, or a spreadsheet, then as your business expands, adds new products and production lines and you try to juggle the demands to reduce lead times and costs, then the need for an integrated scheduling tool becomes overwhelming.

o   Struggling with batch traceability? Are your batch records stored online or in manual folders? Do you have an electronic audit trail or a cumbersome paper trail? Can you meet the need for compliance and provide the necessary information in a timely manner?

o   Poor, inflexible and out of date reporting? – can you easily and quickly access real-time performance indicators and usable information?

We can help by: –

o   Delivering integrated scheduling and “capable to promise” features, enabling effective scheduling. Our solution considers material and machine/labour availability to give you accurate schedules that can be managed using simple drag and drop tools, making your complex scheduling simple.

o   Providing a highly visible and almost instant response to batch traceability, allowing you to respond quickly to a recall situation, enabling you to answer the key questions, like what was that batch made from? What other products have been made with materials from that batch? Where has this batch been used? We take the complexity of compliance and deliver a simple but effective solution.

o   Improving reporting through interactive analytics. This gives easy and instant access to flexible real-time information. Role based dashboards enable your key staff to have immediate and real-time insight into business performance, replacing the complexity of long reports with the simplicity of intuitive analysis.

For further information on how B1 Systems can help your business please call us on 01889 878222 or send an email to

Making Your Complex Simple

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