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ERP implementation process

The ERP implementation process, a scenario which can only go one of two ways. A successful implementation helps companies to streamline processes, drive profitable growth and ultimately lead them onto the path for a prosperous future. However, a failed project only means wasted time, money and the potential to put an organisation out of business.


A failed ERP implementation is one of the worst-case scenarios for a potential ERP customer. Though making the move to a new ERP system costs companies thousands of pounds in investment, certain businesses don’t take the ERP implementation process as seriously as they should do.


With the stakes so high, it’s essential you know step-by-step how the ERP implementation process works. Knowing this, will be the key to a successful future for your growing business.

What does the ERP Implementation Process involve?

Installing new software

Data transformation: Moving old and creating new data for the new system

Configuring users and processes

Training users on the software

Change management

And much more

First things first, selecting the right ERP solution to implement into your business is the first and hardest decision you’ll make in the process.


We can offer you SAP Business One – a single, affordable ERP platform created especially for small and medium-sized businesses. With its extensive functionality and the number of add-ons this system can power, SAP Business One benefits all types of industries. With this solution, comes streamlined processes, easy-to-use functionality, a real-time 360° view of your business and essentially an ERP system which can adapt to your ever-changing needs.

Managing the SAP Business One project


For an SAP implementation process to be successful, assembling a Project Management team to assist the project from beginning to end is essential. The team should consist our chosen SAP consultants and the staff from your business who will be the most affected by the SAP Business One system.


Our consultants make sure to communicate everything from what is happening, why it’s happening and when it’s happening between them and your staff to ensure everyone is in the loop.


The Project Manager of the SAP implementation process is there to provide the targets and resources for the project, assign team members to jobs, answer any questions or concerns which appear, and to make sure everyone’s on track for the go-live and project objectives.

What are the stages of the SAP implementation process?

Project Preparation

Create project plan

Conduct kick-off meeting

Access technical infrastructure

Install software and licenses

Business Blueprint

Gather detailed business requirements

Define data migration requirements

Document blueprint configuration

Identify and address scope changes

Project Realisation

Initialise and configure production system

Migrate data from legacy system

Validate and test business processes

Develop end user training

Final Preparation

Establish support plan

Train end users and administrators

Execute cutover and run pilot processes

Go Live & Support

Monitor and support live environment

Close out all open issues

Implement support plan

Project closing

Why Choose us?


B1 Systems have been implementing SAP Business One into small and medium-sized businesses for over 10 years, meaning our consultants are very experienced in the SAP implementation process. We have been helping companies to simply manage all their processes through one single system, covering all areas including Financial Management, Sales & Customer Management, Purchasing and Inventory Control, Production Planning and Analytics & Reporting.

Want to learn more about SAP Business One? Why not get in touch with us today and book a free consultation? 


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