Does your ERP solution manage weight-percentage based recipes? - B1 Systems
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Does your ERP solution manage weight-percentage based recipes?

Does your ERP solution manage weight-percentage based recipes?

Would you like to define and enter your product recipes into your business system using percentage weight values?

Does your current ERP business solution force you to enter the recipe as basic quantity values because the system uses a traditional engineering-based bill of material format?

Most companies buy a system to support the office needs of accounting, and then often use other systems for purchasing, inventory, manufacturing and sales. These multiple systems appear as the company grows and do not always meet the end to end needs of the food and beverage company.

Why? These applications are often generic, broad-based applications that support discrete manufacturing rather than food manufacturers. However, ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One provides the complete solution for process manufacturers. (Discover more about ProcessForce here)

Weight % based Recipes for the food and beverage industry

SAP Business One with ProcessForce, a process-oriented recipe-based ERP application provides you the flexibility to enter the data in the manner in which makes sense to you and your business. The solution allows the user to enter product recipes based on % weight values, which in turn automatically calculates the ingredent quantities, total % and total weight values. If required the solution can provide a warning to the user if the total % and total weight is greater than 100% or the recipe size.

To find out more information about how SAP Business One can benefit your business please contact us directly by calling 01202 232268 or send an email to


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