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Expiry Date Control: What does it mean for manufacturers?

Expiry Date Control: What does it mean for manufacturers?

The Complexities of Expiry Date Control

The life of a product or an ingredient can vary greatly. For example, when making a frozen ready meal or a sterilised sauce the expiry date is normally based on a defined shelf life, and the time period for calculating the expiry date is based on the date of production. But if you’re in the life sciences industry producing products from blood, tissue, and bones, the life of a finished product will be based on the batch with the shortest expiry date.
To manage such variation in expiry date calculation, SAP Business One powered by ProcessForce provides a number of options to determine the time period of calculation which is illustrated in the screenshot to the right.

The most complex expiry date calculation is the expiry date inheritance method. This is available in SAP Business One and ProcessForce and it allows the business to determine their rules and methods for managing their inheritance data.

The following screenshots within SAP Business One provide such an example of inheritance data:

During the production process, the manufacturing order consumes two batches of materials, each with a different expiry date, as displayed by the Batch Transaction Report below, with item EX-02 having the youngest date of 16.12.15.

The Batch Trace Visualisation diagram clearly displays the traceability of the material batches consumed in the finished product. This displays the finished product batch expiry date with the same date as the youngest expiry date of the consumed batch, while the Batch Transaction Report provides additional details.

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