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Food manufacturing software – SAP Business One

Isolated systems, restricted MRP tools, disconnected supply chains and ultimately a large amount of data, are all common challenges a food manufacturer faces. SAP Business One combines industry knowledge with process manufacturing expertise to bring food production software that can address any issues challenging the food and beverage industry.

Go beyond standard ERP software for food manufacturing


Take advantage of a solution which manages everything in one place from financials, sales, and stock to batch traceability, production, and quality control.


Food manufacturing ERP systems which give you tools to manage all that complexity, simplify masses of processes, and overall provide you with a platform for growth, are the silver lining in this atmosphere of change and uncertainty.


SAP Business One food manufacturing software provides you with a set of powerful processes which include:

Extensive product and batch traceability which delivers complete “field to fork” functionality

Complete support for recipe driven companies who need more than the traditional Bill of Material offers them, providing formula management, yield and scrap, by product and co product capabilities.

Integral Quality Control – allowing you to define quality checkpoints throughout the inbound and work in process stages of your process

Powerful scheduling tools, delivering an intuitive, graphical scheduling board to optimise your production process

Completely automated “smart” forecasting which is fully aware of the seasonal influences of your markets

Full control over ingredient declarations, nutritional contents, ingredient properties and classifications that are not commonly found in traditional, generic, business systems

SAP implementation in the food industry


Manual entering on spreadsheets and multiple systems is not a viable option to a growing company, or a company looking to grow. SAP Business One’s ERP software for food manufacturing brings all aspects of a food & beverage business under one integrated platform.


Compared to other food manufacturing ERP systems available on the market, SAP Business One’s structure, wide range of functionality, endless list of benefits and ultimately low implementation costs, allow it to be leading food manufacturing software in the process industry.


Compared to other software used in the food industry, what are a few of SAP Business One’s key benefits:

Maximised Quality


From goods receipt all the way through to customer delivery, checks are completed throughout the production process to make sure that your quality control is at its highest level across the business.

Complete Stock Visibility


Aiming to reduce your waste while streamlining your inventory, this food manufacturing ERP system offers new depths of stock control. Bringing you advanced forecasting, SAP Business One helps you to predict future requirements and hold less stock to result in a more dynamic inventory. Shelf life, inspection dates, batch characteristics are all maintained within one central platform.

Clear traceability through business processes


The food production software designed by SAP Business One gives you instant visibility of your whole food process from field to fork. This solution allows your staff to easily map traceability transactions and improve control on shelf-life, enabling you to easily meet the audit requirements of the BRC in respect of ingredient and product traceability.

Completely reduce downtime in production


A food manufacturing ERP system like SAP Business One, lets you manage and increase the productivity of your entire production process. With this user-friendly system you get powerful scheduling capability. This allows you to manage all your orders, optimise production, minimise downtime, and most importantly, maximise and grow your revenue!

Want to learn more about SAP Business One’s food manufacturing software? Why not get in touch with us today and book a free consultation? 


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