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How SAP Business One supports the food industry

The numbers are overwhelming, in 2017, UK consumers spent £219bn on food, drink and catering, and as recently as Q1 2018, an estimated 3.9m people were employed in the UK AgriFood sector, some 13% of the total UK workforce. Of that total, some  390,000 workers were  directly employed in food and drink manufacturing.

As anyone involved in the food sector will know, fine lines are matched by thin margins, incessant innovation and constant requirements to meet an ever-growing list of statutory compliances. One small change to any of those factors could generate thousands or equally cost manufacturers drastically.

No matter how big or how small, food and beverage manufacturing companies must operate at their full capacity and always look to how they can improve their business.

A solution that provides the means to manage across all that complexity, deliver the compliance, simplify the myriad processes and provide a platform for growth is the silver cloud in this atmosphere of change and uncertainty.

ProcessForce, powered by SAP Business One, was created specifically for recipe driven manufacturers and delivers the platform on which you can address these challenges.  No matter if you’re a distributor or manufacturer, ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One provides you with a set of powerful processes which include;

Extensive product and batch traceability which delivers complete “field to fork” functionality

Complete support for recipe driven companies who need more than the traditional Bill of Material offers them, providing formula management, yield and scrap, by product and co product capabilities.

Integral Quality Control – allowing you to define quality checkpoints throughout the inbound and work in process stages of your process

Powerful scheduling tools, delivering an intuitive, graphical scheduling board to optimise your production process

Completely automated “smart” forecasting which is fully aware of the seasonal influences of your markets

Full control over ingredient declarations, nutritional contents, ingredient properties and classifications that are not commonly found in traditional, generic, business systems

Accelerate your business growth with food manufacturing software powered by SAP Business One

Managing by spreadsheets is not a viable option to a growing company, or a company with ambitions to grow. ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One brings all aspects of a food business under one common platform and is designed specifically to address the day to day challenges the food and beverage sector faces.

Maximised Quality

From purchase goods receipt all the way through to customer delivery, quality control checks are completed throughout the production process to make sure that your quality control is at its highest level across the business.

Complete Stock Visibility

Aiming to reduce your waste while streamlining your inventory, this food manufacturing system offers new depths of stock control. Bringing you with advanced forecasting, ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One helps you to predict future requirements and hold less stock to result in a more dynamic inventory. Shelf life, inspection dates, batch characteristics are all maintained within one central platform.

Clear Traceability Through Business Processes

ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One gives you instant visibility of your whole food process from field to fork. This manufacturing solution allows your staff to easily map traceability transactions and improve control on shelf-life, easily enabling you to meet the audit requirements of the BRC in respect of ingredient and product traceability.

Completely Reduce Downtime in Production

This food manufacturing solution lets you manage and increase the productivity of your entire production process. With this user-friendly system gives you powerful scheduling capability allows you to manage all your orders, optimise production and minimize downtime, and most importantly, maximise and grow your revenue!

Want to find out more? See how our food industry software can take your business to the next level by booking a demo today. Contact us by either calling 01889 878222, emailing, or by filling out the form on the contact us page.

Making Your Complex Simple.

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