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Hills Plants

When you are a business that has nearly a 100 years of history and over 3 million products to ship to customers every year – you are going to need the help of a technical solution like SAP Business One. B1 System’s journey with Hills Plants (www.hillsplants.com) starts with understanding what they were looking for.


The fourth generation Chichester-based ornamental plant pot business was looking for a SAP Business One partner that was local. What they wanted most was to build a relationship with a company close to them – on-hand for support and providing solutions. It was a big decision for them. Hills Plants not only have all their products and processes to consider, but they also have 45 to 100 employees dependent on seasonal purchasing.


Of Customers


Million Products Shipped Each Year


Best Selling Plants

Identifying SAP Business One as the solution

Managing Director of Hills Plants, Greg Hill, came into this business in 2009 and was looking into process efficiency.


As the business grew under his leadership, it was clear that the bespoke, older software package was causing issues for them – it just didn’t offer the flexibility they needed with all their products and wasn’t scaling with their increasing demand.


Greg Hill then had to research exactly what the business needed as a Resource Planning tool.

The Decision Maker’s Point of View

Greg said “I tried looking at all the popular software at the time from all the biggest names. After careful consideration, it was SAP Business One that ticked all the boxes we needed. It would grow with us. It had flexibility. It had the detail we needed. That gave me the confidence to choose it”.

SAP Business One was the initial victor of his technical research and they needed to look into how to bring it into the business.


Hills Plants needed an SAP Business Partner and again, it was time for Greg Hills to do his research with his team.

Choosing a Local Partner

Greg Hills had the intimidating task of picking a partner to install business-critical software, understanding the partner has to be a business that he could trust to have a long, rewarding relationship with.


Since installing SAP Business One is the just the first step in the process, there will be the need for the partner to understand the growth of the business, as well as being on-hand with providing answers to new questions from staff.


So when it came to making a choice for Hill Plants, Greg felt it was paramount to have a partner that was local to them.

Greg Hill said of the process “There was an extensive list of partners and most were saying the things that mattered to me. The way to separate them out at first was to look at them geographically. I personally didn’t want to be reaching out to someone that could be as far away, realistically, as two hours drive from our premises. That’s when we decided to meet B1 Systems”.

Why Choose Us?

  • Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we’ve implemented over 220 projects
  • We’re a SAP Gold Partner and have been providing SAP business software, support, and implementation services for over 10 years
  • We constantly improve our standard offerings
  • Our support is on-hand and is regularly praised by our clients
  • We have a selection of add-ons which can be integrated with SAP Business One to provide a more tailored solution for your industry and for you.
  • We’ve managed processes like Accounting, Sales & Customer Management, Inventory Control, Distribution, Production Planning, and Analytics
  • You’ll love the way we strive for operational excellence
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