Hodgson Sealants implements SAP Business One - B1 Systems
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Who are Hodgson Sealants


Hodgson Sealants (www.hodgsonsealants.com), the UK’s largest independent sealant manufacturer has gone through a thorough selection process and has decided on B1 Systems Ltd as their partner of choice to implement and support the integration of SAP Business One into their company. Project Horizon is now up and running for the implementation stage.


The business pains


The main reason Hodgson Sealants were looking for a new system was that they had outgrown their current solution and wanted a new system to support their growth plans.


The main pains Hodgson Sealants were experiencing revolved around getting information out of the system easily. They also wanted to improve efficiencies on communication as they had a number of different systems that could not integrate with one another making sound business planning difficult.


In addition time was a key factor.  With the present system everybody needed to be out of the system to allow accounting processes to be completed or the work needed to be done from home.  There was frustration for all involved and they needed to clear this problem to make their business processing work better for them.

Growing for



Selling to


Different countries



Different continents

What they want to gain by using SAP Business One


The main gains Hodgson Sealants want to see by using B1 Systems and SAP Business One is that the system supports growth, saves time and improves efficiencies. Decision making will be improved because the systems are joined up and accuracy is improved.  They will be less manual entering and there is going to be less processing errors as information is keyed once.


Taking B1 Systems’ “Industry Edition”, using ProcessForce, is a key win for Hodgson Sealants as this compliments their manufacturing requirements.


Hodgson Sealants selected B1 Systems as they liked the fact that our values are closely linked and they can see we will really value them as a customer. They were confident they would get more of a personalised service and they were impressed with the SAP Business One product. The “out of the box” solution offered by B1 systems was a major factor in choosing SAP Business One over other systems.


They felt confident with the different demos they were shown and knew what the system was capable of for their business.

Danielle Houghton – Head of Finance at Hodgson Sealants said “We are really looking forward to working with B1 Systems. The SAP Business One product matches our requirements.  It is an exciting time for our business as we enter our next growth phase and we know that SAP Business One will help deliver new efficiencies to take our business forward.”

Sak Sahota, Director at B1 Systems said “We are delighted to be working with Hodgson Sealants. We know it is a key investment for them and are looking forward to making a positive contribution to their business.”

B1 Systems have been specialising in SAP Business One for SME’s for over 10 years, helping them to simply manage processes like Accounting, Sales & Customer Management, Inventory Control, Distribution, Production Planning, and Analytics & Reporting.


Contact B1 Systems today and see how SAP Business One can improve your business. Get in touch by either calling us on 01889 878 222, emailing us at sales@b1systems.co.uk, or by filling in the form on our contact page.