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Be the first to know if your business needs an ERP system

Be the first to know if your business needs an ERP system

Growing your business never comes easy; administrative workload increases; it becomes harder to satisfy your growing customer base; keeping up with order volume turns into a headache; and extracting usable information from a growing mountain of data looks seemingly impossible.

That dream of growing a successful business slowly becomes further and further out of reach.

The only saviour to fulfilling your business goals is a system so incredible, it deals with all the unnecessary aches and pains when it comes to managing the various functions within your business.

However, before making a drastic change to your business systems, you need to know in more detail if your business needs ERP.

Therefore, here are the top 5 signs your business needs an ERP system.

Showing how your systems will speak with SAP Business One

1. Your current systems don’t talk to each other

Many businesses use multiple systems to manage different areas of their company and these systems keep expanding as the company grows.

The result of this – data silos.

This means information in a certain system becomes segregated from the rest of the organization.

However, with an ERP system, data silos are unheard of.

All data is stored inside a single system, meaning the information is easily accessible to the whole business.

2. You can’t easily access information

If someone asked you for the number of sales you have made to date, how long would it take you to find out?

For some businesses who depend on spreadsheets and systems – ran manually – there’s no telling how long it will take them to fish out the information.

In today’s world, the way business is done is becoming faster and faster. Therefore, employees getting access to data quickly and easily is more crucial than ever.

An ERP system provides a holistic view of business processes at any time, while employees can obtain relevant information to help complete jobs much more efficiently.

Showing how easy it is to access information on SAP Business One
SAP Business One does not take long to implement

3. Accounting takes much longer and it’s more complex

As your business begins to grow you will see an increase in the number of transactions, making it much more challenging to make accurate recordings quickly.

This causes your employees to spend hours every week entering sales orders and invoices into an accounting system manually.

The amount of time wasted completing simple tasks builds up just by not having suitable ERP software.

With ERP, life in a business becomes much simpler by having all the info about the business’s incomings and outgoings updated automatically.

The accounts department can deliver critical reports easily with no delays or frustration.

4. Your software is not mobile accessible

In today’s day and age, having access to your business anytime, anywhere is crucial if you want your company to achieve anywhere near its true potential.

SAP Business One is an ERP system which provides the perfect functionality to keep your business at your fingertips when on the move.

This ERP system allows you to drive sales and manage your business on any mobile device (tablet or smartphone) wherever you are and at whatever time.

Iphone with SAP Business One on screen
Stress of no ERP system for small business

5. Your current IT systems are too confusing and time-consuming

Having multiple IT systems across your business becomes a nightmare to manage.

Updating, customising and integrating all the systems is a complex job and expensive. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that over half of small and medium-sized businesses are running on outdated systems.

Overall, maintaining these systems can be more trouble than they are worth.

Rather than having many stand-alone solutions, SAP Business One provides you with an all-encompassing system.

With an ERP system like SAP Business One, you have the flexibility to adapt and grow with your business’s needs.

We hope this article gave you a better understanding into what your business needs.

Are you in need of ERP? Could SAP Business One be the perfect fit for your growing company?

SAP Business One is the ideal ERP system to manage and drive your business to success, all within a single solution.

Want to find out more? Please contact us directly by calling 01202 232268 or emailing

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