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Inventory Management Software – SAP Business One

Inventory Software


Most companies fail to appreciate that there’s more to inventory management software than just keeping track of what enters and exits your business. Lack of visibility; low product turnover; excess stock, these are all problems a business will face without an inventory control system.


Inventory represents one of the largest expenses for almost all SMB’s. Whilst many of them have an ERP solution that provides some sort of inventory control capabilities, most of these ERP’s don’t supply the tools required to fulfil the most common challenges surrounding inventory management.

SAP Business One Inventory Management Software


As a SMB, finding accurate but affordable inventory management software can seem like a real challenge. The SAP Business One application offers best-practice inventory control functionality to fulfil your challenges surrounding stock management, whilst meeting the budget of small and midsize businesses.

Reducing Inventory Costs Made Easy with SAP Business One


SAP Business One inventory management software provides you with the tools needed to minimise inventory costs while keeping your customers happy. This inventory control system enables you to manage your warehouse data, track and record stock movements, and plan and release orders according to your material requirements planning.

Create In-depth reports


Through powerful, real-time dashboards and reports, gain intelligent insights automatically via the inventory management system.  With the mobility offered by SAP Business One, get access to accurate information directly at your fingertips to help you make smarter business decisions on the go.

Take full control over your warehouse and stock


SAP Business One goes beyond standard inventory management software. With the ability to automatically perform stock counts, track stock transfers, record goods receipts and issues, and trace in- and out-going shipments, guarantees up-to-date, in-depth information about your inventory.

Inventory Management Software Features

Item Management

SAP Business One allows you to manage items by group or individually. Item codes, SKU’s, foreign descriptions and supplier catalogues.

Costing and Units of measure

Manage stock using various costing models (including average cost, Standard, FIFO), across the business or by warehouse/store. Multiple units of measure and unit conversions.

Goods receipt and issue control

Record goods receipts and issues; track stock transfers; enable consignment, drop-ship, and other orders.

Serial number tracking

An automatic creation of warranty records if required.

Pick and Pack manager

The pick and pack manager capabilities in SAP Business One allows users to manage the picking and packing process within multiple queues.

Batch and Lot Tracking

SAP Business One offers full traceability.

Stock takes

Easily perform inventory and cycle counts.

Efficient, up-to-date reporting.

Generate reports with data that is up-to-the minute based on perpetual inventory and present in various formats and dashboards.

No matter the size of your business, reliable inventory management software is essential for you to deliver on promise. Book a consultation with us today see how SAP Business One can help you gain full inventory control.


Making Your Complex Simple.