K Two Sales Chooses SAP Business One software with B1 Configurator
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K Two Sales team delighted with SAP Business One

K Two Sales is a growing agricultural business based in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire.  This family-run business, established in the 1980’s, manufacturers of high-quality farm machinery.  The range includes rear discharge muck spreaders; tipping and compacting flatbed trailers as well as grassland aerators.


K Two Sales were looking for an ERP system that would further enhance business growth and make their lives a great deal easier day to day!




The main issue for K Two was the repetitive manual entering of prospect and customer details. Some manual processes included having to enter the same details four times in different systems including a bill of materials and taking stocks from stores.

Consequently, manual entering was impacting on their time.  This was a real problem and K Two needed to deliver more time efficiency into the business, freeing them up to deliver other areas of work.  There was so much repetitive processing that a lack of time to focus on other areas of the business was starting to really hurt their day to day operations.  Days were getting longer and longer, and a solution had to be found.


Additional problems were the production and sales systems didn’t talk to each other and they were entering endless amounts of information into Excel spreadsheets.


Completing this mountain of paperwork and the increase in orders meant they had outgrown their previous systems and they needed a streamlining of these operations.

Using SAP Business One through B1 Configurator means that everything is tied together for K Two Sales.  B1 Systems completed a full and comprehensive demo of both SAP Business One and B1 Configurator.


After seeing the demos Paul Kelloway, Sales Director at K Two Sales said they wanted the B1 Configurator to build the machines in the background (which is their works orders).  Using SAP Business One through B1 Configurator they can have machines built in the background as you are completing the quote.

Paul said, “You can physically see the machine specification being built with a diagram of the muck spreader.”


Paul said – “Time-saving 100%!!  It will save hours and I could even have time off occasionally!” 

Entering information once will stop the repetitive, time-sapping processes.


Also, anybody in the company can build a machine.  The beauty of B1 Configurator is it takes you through the process of building a machine.  Paul said that if he employed a new salesperson tomorrow it would take months to learn the sales and build process, but, with SAP Business One and B1 Sales Configurator you know how to do this straight away as it does it for you.


Additionally, Paul said the system will upsell their product as it builds it.  You have all the options and optional extras laid out in front of you, so you don’t have to remember everything and you can see mandatory requirements for a particular product.

Paul added “All the costs are there too and you would know if a machine needs a flashing beacon or not! A new salesperson may forget the £200 optional extra but with B1 Configurator you see these choices clearly.”

K Two Sales have started their journey with SAP Business One and B1 Configurator and the future is looking bright, their systems are much more simplified, intuitive and easy to use.

B1 Systems have been specialising in SAP Business One for SME’s for over 10 years, helping them to simply manage processes like Accounting, Sales & Customer Management, Inventory Control, Distribution, Production Planning, and Analytics & Reporting.


Contact B1 Systems today and see how SAP Business One can improve your business. Get in touch by either calling us on 01889 878 222, emailing us at sales@b1systems.co.uk, or by filling in the form on our contact page.