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Magic xpi’s SAP Business One Integration

SAP Business One Integration


Magic xpi’s native SAP connector syncs your SAP Business One ERP solution to leading eCommerce and CRM applications. This will improve the profitability for your business’s bottom-line by automating the flow of data between your SAP Business One system and your other IT assets.


By using Magic xpi’s SAP Business One Integration you’ll gain the possibilities which you can’t get with SAP Business One alone. This includes website integration, intercompany trade and synchronisation, master data synchronisation, the ability to share data across systems, and financial consolidation.


With the SAP Business One Integration, by integrating and automating all your business processes, it allows your business to enjoy ease of maintenance and benefit from a high return on investment.

Get ahead with Magic xpi’s SAP Business One Integration


You can use this SAP Business One Integration for many things, however, here we have broken down the key features:


– e-Commerce Integration – Timely and error-free transfers of data to and from many platforms such as Magento, eBay, Amazon, etc.

– Courier Integration – An accurate transfer of order information to your courier.

Supplier Integration – An error-free import of real-time supplier data into SAP Business One.

What are the benefits


The SAP Business One integration gives you and your staff everything you need to make your business processes run the way you want them to. With Magic xpi’s SAP Business One Integration, you and your staff can benefit from:

Flexible connectivity to different databases, file types and data formats

Fast time-to-market

Access to real-time data for accurate system information and better decision making

A single skill set for all integration needs

Easy and cost-effective maintenance

Robust In-Memory architecture

Magic xpi’s SAP Business One Integration makes it as simple as possible for you to integrate what you want, the way you want:


– Native connector for optimised connectivity to SAP Business One fields and objects

– Full support for SAP Business One and SAP Business One HANA implementations

– Pre-built application adaptors and technology resources to connect tens of thousands of applications

– Magic xpi Studio comes with a code-free, drag and drop environment and comprehensive visual data mapper

– Magic xpi Server comes with real-time event triggers, a powerful process automation scheduler, and automated handling of exceptions and errors

– Hybrid platform supports any combination of cloud & on-premise integrations

Where to start


Magic xpi’s SAP Business One Integration enhances the capabilities of SAP Business One by sharing data between the SAP system and all your other business data, including emails and websites. It allows you to design real-time workflows caused by actions, internal or external to SAP Business One, to ensure that your company’s processes are fully responsive to your business needs.

SAP Business One is designed specifically for small businesses. With its user-friendly interface and quick implementation time, why not get in touch and book a free demo today and see what this solution can do for you?


Making Your Complex Simple.