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Manufacturing software for a small business

Manufacturing software for a small business


Whilst trying to manage increasing production, we can see there’s a common pattern between start-up and small manufacturing businesses drowning in spreadsheets. Regardless of size, basic accounting software and multiple spreadsheets are not suitable for growing businesses.

SAP Business One for Manufacturing


Most manufacturing challenges come from the processes in place at the heart of your business. From process manufacturers to discrete manufacturers, we’ve got you covered.


SAP Business One is designed to address all manufacturing issues by providing the tools you need to monitor, track and communicate activities throughout the whole supply chain.

Key features of SAP Business One for Manufacturing


Designed as manufacturing software for a small business, SAP Business One has made supply chain management, electronic data interchange, shipping logistics and ultimately running your manufacturing operations, easier than ever before.


SAP Business One goes beyond standard manufacturing software for a small business by giving manufacturers a complete set of tools and features needed to grow their business.

Intelligent Analytics

Through real-time data and analytics, SAP Business One helps you to turn all that business data into actionable information. By giving you access to create visual; accurate reports in the format you want, gives you instant detailed insight that’s easy to understand

Strict Quality Checks

Strict quality control checks at every step of your production process brings you the highest level of quality control across your entire business and a complete audit trail of all your quality checks

Complete Supply Chain Visibility

SAP Business One provides you with complete visibility across your entire supply chain. Streamline your operations whilst saving your business time and money by improving how your business communicates with customers and suppliers on a day-to-day basis

Increase Compliance

Through time stamps and integrated security, you have a full view of your audit trails of all production and finance activities. To ensure complete accuracy of compliance records, SAP Business One can fulfil all types of compliance requirements across your business needs

Best Manufacturing Software for a small business


In a growing market, identifying the ideal solution for your manufacturing company can be quite a task.


To help with this, Frontrunners have compiled a report to identify the top performing products in the manufacturing industry. Within this report, you can see that SAP Business One is placed as a leading solution in the manufacturing industry. You can access this report here.

Want to find our more? See how our SAP Business One Manufacturing Solution can take your business to the next level by booking a demo with us today!


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