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The real myths of SAP Business One

The real myths of SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an ERP used by over 60,000 customers worldwide. It was designed specifically for SME’s.

SAP knew that SMEs needed an ERP solution to help manage their organization, one designed from the ground up for their type of business.

If you know or recognize the term SAP Business One, you will have heard all kinds of myths which surround this solution.

So why should you listen to us? B1 Systems was one of SAP’s first SAP Business One services partner, so we know all the common misunderstandings when it comes to this ERP.

Therefore we have created this blog dispelling the top 5 myths surrounding SAP Business One.

1. Too Complex

SAP Business One is seen by many people as a very complex system in the business world, but, they could not be more wrong. Just one demo of the system will show you how easy it is to get around.

With a browser-based interface, it’s a very straightforward system. Menus can be switched with ease, and all data can be viewed in the same place at the same time.

The whole system is designed to be simple to use and to give the user the power to control their ERP.

2. It’s expensive

So, you’ve heard SAP Business One is too expensive?

The truth is, with the correct approach and guidance, your projects will be completed under-budget and on-time, saving you time and money.

Overall, SAP Business One has been created as an affordable solution for SME’s to manage their entire business.



3. It’s only for big companies

This is one of the most common myths which surrounds this ERP. But don’t always believe what you are told.

SAP Business One is an ERP designed for the use of small and medium-sized businesses. This solution gives SME’s of all sizes the ability to compete on a similar level with globally “More Successful” companies.

Ecex, a multi-specialist engineering company with 15 employees, upgraded from Sage Line 50 to SAP Business One with B1 systems. This helped them to streamline their processes, consolidate multiple spreadsheets and much more.

4. It takes too long to implement

The myth is that, SAP Business One takes a minimum of a year to implement, and by this time there could be new and better systems to replace it with.

The reality of this is, with the right SAP Business One partner to implement the solution, SAP projects come in under the expected time limit.

For help on choosing the right partner, check out our blog “How to choose the right SAP Business One partner”

5. It’s not very accessible

The final myth we have left to dispel is the accessibility of SAP Business One.

To access SAP Business One you don’t have to be in the office 24/7 to understand and have full control of your business.

SAP Business One sends real-time SMS and email reports while you’re on the go. Apps can be installed, helping you to manage your business anywhere at any time.

Overall, a lot of the myths which surround SAP Business One are from people and businesses who do not have the vast experience with ERP like we do.

We hope this article helped give you a better insight into what SAP Business One is and what it can do for your business.

If you have any questions about SAP Business One please contact us directly by calling our friendly support team on 01202 232268 or send an email to

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