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SAP Business One – Process Manufacturing Software

ProcessForce was created especially for the process manufacturing industry powered by SAP Business One. ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One implements a practical rich solution for the Process Industry. They support regular business operations and issues by giving seamlessly integrated value-based solutions which are exclusive to the industry.  ERP solutions for manufacturing can make a real difference to the day to day running of your business.

ProcessForce united their industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise, and certified business requirements from their current customer base to contribute value to all their customers and to create a solution fixated on key process manufacturing industry verticals:


> Consumer Products

> Life Sciences

> Chemicals

> Building Products

> Oil and Gas

> Food and Beverage Companies


ProcessForce and SAP Business One’s partnership delivers the best of both worlds, CompuTec’s process manufacturing expertise and SAP’s strength and security. This unity takes advantage of SAP’s business platform and latest innovations so it advanced into a rich and simple to deploy solution for the industry, providing assets for both customers and partners. Software Solution Partners, like CompuTec, are one of the key factors of SAP Business One’s success in helping over 58,000 small businesses worldwide become the best run businesses. (

ProcessForce covers a far-reaching spectrum of company activities and operations, broken down into a set of practical but still integrated components:

> Product Data Management

> Recipies/Formulations/Bill of Materials

> Co-Product/By-Product/Scrap Management

> Routing and Resource Management

> Batch Control and Traceability

> Production Management

> Ingredient Declaration

> Quality Control

> Complaint Management

> Product Costing

> Production Scheduling

> Hand Held devices & Data Collection

Process manufacturing is far from the process of just assembling parts and hard goods to manufacture products. This type of manufacturing has issues and complexities beyond discrete manufacturing which must be considered when implementing manufacturing ERP software into the business.


Today, the process manufacturing industry is more competitive than ever. Therefore, without manufacturing business software designed and tailored to fit your business, keeping up with competitors, the latest technology and regulations is impossible.


In the market, there are many process manufacturing software systems and today this continues to grow. Due to the complex requirements and demands from the industry, SAP Business One partnered with ProcessForce to develop a process manufacturing system which makes a real difference to the day to day operations in a business.


ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One


This partnership implements practical rich manufacturing ERP software designed specifically for the process industry which offers the following key features making it the best ERP software for manufacturing:

1. Production Scheduling


ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One offers manufacturing management software which provides a powerful and easy to use production scheduling system. Giving manufacturers full visibility and optimisation of workload in each stage of production, this production scheduling system outperforms any older manual scheduling tools.


Here are the benefits this manufacturing ERP software provides with the production scheduling feature:

· Full Visualisation of real-time information

· Scheduling effort is reduced

· Provides low inventory levels

· More accurate quotes on delivery dates

· Production efficiency is increased

· Provides you with level loading

· Reduced changeover times in production

2. Shop Floor Data Capture


Manufacturing solutions like ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One helps you to make real-time business decisions by providing you with real-time business information. This manufacturing business software offers this key feature to give you full visibility of your production process. With the ability to gain real-time data, this allows you to prioritise operations in certain departments helping you to potentially spot bottlenecks and assign all resources needed for the process.

3. Formulation control


SAP Business One manufacturing software provides you with an automated formulation feature which creates and analyses all your formulas and recipes, reducing the amount of time your staff spend on manual calculations. ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One is a process manufacturing system which simplifies the way you manage multiple versions of all your formulas and recipes.

4. Batch Production


ProcessForce and SAP Business One provides you with a manufacturing system which gives you a batch production feature enabling you to control all orders as they move between each workstation. The batch production element in the SAP Business One manufacturing software allows you to create and conserve orders, grow production and control other batch features.

If you would like to find out more information about SAP Business One and what it can do for your business, please contact us by either calling 01889 878222, emailing, or by filling out the form on our contact page.