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Production scheduling: A process manufacturers secret weapon

In the world of manufacturing, the simplest way to keep customers happy is by delivering products on-time. But this isn’t always so easy without a production scheduling system.

Production scheduling is the process of planning, controlling and optimising workloads in a manufacturing process. Telling a production station when to make goods/products, with which staff and on which machine, reduces the time of production and the cost. With a production scheduling system, manufacturing companies can do much more than just create workable production plans. The right software allows a business to develop the right balance between meeting delivery deadlines and managing their workflow easily and efficiently.

Without production scheduling software, keeping machines, staff, materials and suppliers connected can seem almost impossible for a manufacturer.


ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One provides a powerful but easy to use production planning and scheduling system, allowing you to easily manage production orders within your factory. This solution provides CTP (Capable to promise) functionality enabling staff to accurately quote delivery dates to customers.

Consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and chemical businesses all benefit from the production scheduling feature available in SAP Business One. Real- time data is available to your whole organisation on one platform, giving you a clear picture of all your operations and ultimately resulting in you ditching manual entering on spreadsheets.

The production scheduling functionality available on SAP Business One’s platform outperforms any older manual scheduling tools. This production scheduling software provides a manufacturer with full visibility and optimization of workload in each stage of production.

This system provides many benefits to the process industry, but here are the main advantages a production scheduling system can provide for your business:

Full visualisation of real-time information

Scheduling effort is reduced

Keeps inventory levels low

More accurate quotes on delivery dates

Production efficiency is increased

Provides you with level loading

Reduced changeover times in production


Providing you with mobile and real-time business information to help you make real-time business decisions, Shop Floor Data Capture is key to having full visibility of your production process. Shop Floor Data Capture automatically keeps real-time data to allow you to prioritize operations in certain departments; spot potential bottlenecks; and assign all resources for the process.

This is one of the key features when wanting to become a better run process manufacturer. It provides employees with accurate costing and work-in-progress information, all while minimizing the chance of errors and admin input. Process manufacturers who use a production scheduling system have more visibility over their production channel, helping their business to deliver products on-time.

Overall, this scheduling system maximizes the efficiency of the operation, reduces time, and minimizes the cost of the process. In order to become a better business, production scheduling is mandatory. This is the secret weapon every process manufacturer is looking for.

Want to find out more? See how our process manufacturing software can take your business to the next level by booking a demo today. Contact us by either calling 01889 878222, emailing, or by filling out the form on the contact us page.

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