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Sales and customer management in SAP Business One

Gaining new customers is important, but creating strong relationships with current ones is even more crucial. SAP Business One’s platform offers tools to manage the entire sales and customer process – from first contact to final sale, through to supporting the new customer. Sales and customer management has never been easier!


With fully integrated capability, you get a full 360° view of prospects and customers to give you a better understanding of their needs. With this comes increased sales, profits and improved customer relationships.

What are the features

Sales and Opportunity Management

Trace opportunities and activities from initial contact through to the final sale.

Marketing Campaign Management

Produce and manage marketing activities and analyse their impact.

Customer Management

With a dashboard overview of all useful information, keep your customer data all in one place.

Service Management

Manage service contracts; open and close service calls quickly.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Take control of customer contacts with Outlook synchronisation.

Reporting and Analysis

Produce detailed reports on all areas of the sales process using ready-made templates to save you time.

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