SAP Business One answers your top 10 Batch Traceability questions
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How SAP Business One supports Batch Traceability

How SAP Business One supports Batch Traceability

With greater levels of globalization; extended supply chains; and regulatory pressures continuing to grow, Batch Traceability is paramount.

However, just saying “Batch Traceability” sounds simple, but it is a complicated multi-dimensional business issue. This affects all parts of the business, and for regulated industries such as Food and Beverage, Batch Traceability is compulsory in a business process.

ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One, delivers a simple but powerful graphical solution, answering the most common Batch Traceability questions.

Take a look at the demonstration and see for yourself: –

  • What batch number did I use?
  • Where was the batch used?
  • Where did the batch go?
  • What customers should I contact?
  • Whom did I buy the batch from?
  • How was the batch produced?
  • What other customers raised a complaint?
  • Were there any returns?
  • Did I have to issue any credit notes?
  • What were the quality results?



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