SAP Business One awarded accreditation by the ICAEW - B1 Systems
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SAP Business One awarded accreditation by the ICAEW

SAP Business One awarded accreditation by the ICAEW

SAP and B1 Systems are excited to announce that SAP Business One has been awarded accreditation by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, better known as ICAEW. SAP Business One, the business process management software used by over 60,000 SME’s worldwide, is pleased to be part of the prestigious accredited software scheme due to impressing ICAEW’s strong technical evaluation criteria and is now one of its recommended applications to over 147,000 global members. This Accreditation Scheme is swiftly becoming the guideline for software used by accountants in both business and practice markets.

About the ICAEW

ICAEW was developed in 1880 and has advanced into developing and assisting over 147,000 chartered accountants worldwide as a world leading professional membership organisation. ICAEW shares their knowledge, and technical expertise to give professional development and qualifications. ICAEW’s Accreditation Software Scheme gives users peace of mind since it provides access to dependable and well-evaluated software.

The Accreditation Scheme designed by ICAEW presents requirements which should be considered before a software is obtained alongside the quality of the suppliers. Throughout the evaluation done by the ICAEW, here are some of the functional requirements they analysed within SAP Business One for this solution to pass:

  • Being able to operate the accounting functions it was constructed for and fulfil its purpose
  • Be simple to employ, master and understand
  • Create the most practical use of available resources
  • Assist individual user necessities
  • Be successfully supported and conserved

The ICAEW said in the evaluation that the SAP Business One platform “supports growth and change” and that the solution “is a well-designed product for producing sets of accounts”. The evaluation finally concluded with “In terms of the functionality that is present in the current version (Version 9.2) and the target markets for the product, the product has been adequately specified,”

To find out more information about how SAP Business One can benefit your business contact us directly by calling 01202 232268 or send an email to

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