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Best Cloud SAP Solutions 2019

SAP (Software, Applications & Products) is a German-based multinational software organisation and one of the largest and most trusted vendors for SAP ERP solutions and applications. Every industry and business require different needs to one another. SAP have built all types of comprehensive SAP solutions to make sure they have a solution for every type of business.


Explore our list of the top-rated SAP solutions and discover the perfect solution for your business.



Proven and trusted by over 50,000 customers worldwide, SAP ERP is one of SAP’s many ERP solutions leading the market today. This system is targeted and built to support large businesses across all types of industries. Streamline all your key business processes and take advantage of access to critical business data and analytical tools.


Key Benefits

No more data silos

Give your staff access to real-time data through a single platform to help communicate insights quickly and turn it into actionable information.

Automate key processes

Build on your growing business by automating your key areas to increase efficiency and minimise errors.

Make smarter decisions

Enable the flow of real-time data across all departments throughout your business, helping to make smarter data-based decisions and ultimately enhance operational performance.

2. SAP Business One


SAP Business One is one of SAP’s leading ERP solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Streamline key business functions, attain improved insight and make smarter business decisions based on real-time information through one single, intelligent ERP platform. With SAP Business One, small businesses can have big dreams.


Key Benefits

Manage your entire business affordably

Reduce the cost of managing all areas of your business, from accounting, sales, CRM, purchasing and inventory through to project management, HR and operations.

Handle all your needs through one platform

Get full visibility and complete control over each detail of your business through one complete SAP solution.

Power your growth

Instantly gain a single view of your entire business through a flexible, powerful and user-friendly interface.

3. SAP Business ByDesign


A single, cloud-based SAP ERP solution for fast-growing, medium-sized professional service companies, designed to scale without the complexity and cost. Connect every area of your business through a complete, integrated platform.


Key Benefits

Constructed for growth

Take advantage of one of SAP’s powerful, configurable ERP solutions that’s created to scale with your growing business.


Leverage a single end-to-end cloud ERP solution provided in a easy quick-to-implement package.


Gain full visibility and analytics built into every process to make smarter business decisions every day.



SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent ERP system created for large enterprises, helping them to eliminate the complexity that comes with ERP solutions, such as batch latency, manual processes and much more. Manage today’s business and win tomorrow’s opportunities.


Key Benefits

Improve user experience

Provide an award-winning user experience across your entire business and take advantage of a business-savvy digital assistant.

Automate key business tasks

Automation is a game changer because it allows business roles to be driven by exception. The staff will be notified when tasks need to be completed and actioned.

Run next-generation processes

Discover and implement the latest innovations for your industry so your staff can make smarter decisions, faster.

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