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SAP Business One – CRM

Customer Relationship Manager with SAP Business One


With SAP Business One CRM you can manage sales opportunities, track leads, manage your pipeline, increase customer satisfaction, and more in one integrated solution. Enabling you to manage the complete customer lifecycle from initial contact through to final sale, providing more accurate forecasting. It allows customer relationships to be owned and managed by your company.

Using CRM for Outlook


CRM for Outlook enables sales, support and management to perform and update important SAP Business One tasks directly in Outlook, saving time and increasing user adoption of your SAP Business One.


Whether you need to see the most recent sales to a customer or update a business opportunity on a lead you can now do this in Outlook.

Discover The Benefits


  • By providing you with the right products and services along with a complete view of your customers and their needs, SAP Business One CRM lets you achieve higher sales revenue
  • Improving your response times to service calls and problem-resolving, will help you benefit from improved customer satisfaction
  • By managing your sales and opportunities efficiently, you will benefit from faster, more profitable sales conversions
  • Access to timely, accurate data on all aspects of the sales process will allow you to make better business decisions

SAP Business One CRM Features


  • Marketing campaign management: Create, manage, and analyse marketing campaign activities and their impact.
  • Track all opportunities, quotes and efficiency manage your own sales
  • Centralise customer and prospect data in one place.
  • Record and manage service calls and contracts, allowing your business to view all warranty information.
  • Opportunity pipeline reports to view pipeline in any defined format.
  • CRM available on any device (iPad, iPhone and Andriod)

To find out more information about how SAP Business One can benefit your business please contact us directly by calling 01202 232268 or send an email to

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