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Is SAP Business One right for the food industry?

Is SAP Business One right for the food industry?

Is SAP Business One right for the food industry

The main question is, will SAP Business One work for a food manufacturing business like yours? Well, the answer is yes! ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One implements a practical rich solution created especially for the manufacturing industry.

What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is an ERP solution created for small and medium-sized business and it is used by over 60,000 customers worldwide. It’s a powerful, simple to use, affordable solution which includes all the processes you need to run your entire business.

What is ProcessForce?

ProcessForce is a manufacturing solution designed for SAP Business One. This solution assists the process of production for small and medium-sized food manufacturers. ProcessForce, fully integrated with SAP Business One, is the ideal solution for food companies who want to be one step ahead in quality control management.

To read more about process manufacturing with SAP Business One visit https://b1systems.co.uk/processforce/

So how will this work for my business?

ProcessForce and SAP Business One’s partnership delivers the best of both worlds, our process manufacturing expertise, and SAP’s strength and security. This unit takes advantage of SAP’s business platform and latest innovations. Therefore, it advanced into a rich and simple to deploy solution for the industry helping food companies to become best-run businesses.

B1 Systems helps popcorn start-up with SAP Business One

Neil Adams, Company Director, explained “Without doubt, B1 Systems have been a ten-out-of-ten standard. Their telephone support is prompt, their advice is superb and they implement upgrades and amendments quickly without any hassle. I couldn’t be happier with the service levels.”

To read the full case study visit https://b1systems.co.uk/case-study/

To find out more information about how SAP Business One can benefit your business please contact us directly by calling 01202 232268 or send an email to sales@b1systems.co.uk

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