SAP Business One helps Cladco streamline all processes under one roof
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Who are Cladco Profiles


Back in 1972, Cladco Profiles began their journey as a small independently owned family business. Over 40 years later, this very same company established themselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of profiled metal sheeting throughout the UK.


Cladco believes in providing the right quality products at affordable prices, all delivered as and when promised. With the latest sheet metal production machinery, this allows them to create sheeting, purlins, trims and flashings to fit all customer requirements, just showing how invested they are in manufacturing, product development and satisfying their customer’s needs.


But, how exactly did this once small family owned business turn into a leading manufacturer recognized and used by thousands?

Started up in


Now used by


Now leading as


The business pains


Starting from the very beginning, Cladco was an average small sized company with big dreams. They were struggling to grow as a company due to all the manual processes being used, the countless systems being called upon, and the overall time and money they were wasting. Cladco realised that if they were ever going to reach their goal of becoming a successful well-known company, then first they were going to have to address their small business issues.


They needed a business management system which would provide the functionality to address all their problems when they came across SAP Business One and contacted B1 Systems.


What SAP Business One has done for them


Helping them to gain greater control over their business, SAP Business One is an ERP system designed to grow with their business and helps to manage every aspect of their SME. With it being used successfully by over 60,000 companies worldwide, Neil Tweedie, the Operations Director of Cladco Profiles, chose to implement SAP Business One into their growing business.

“It removes the manual labour and saves time. By using SAP Business One web integration is means I get half a person back a week. SAP is great, it means less processing so overall saves me and my staff time.” Neil Tweedie, Operations Director.

Cladco were clearly communicating what they wanted the solution to do which allowed B1 Systems to fulfil their needs by offering them the right support and training. This meant that Cladco could get the most out of this system and B1 Systems could provide this.

“The system is great, we are communicating well and working with B1 is great! Whenever we get a web order it goes straight into SAP Business One. This means we don’t have to manually enter any web orders which we were doing previously.”



Due to the determination of Cladco, the dedication and support of B1 Systems, and overall the communication between both sets of companies, today Cladco have now established themselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of profiled metal roof sheeting throughout the UK. Cladco continues to use SAP Business One and because of this, their systems are much more simplified, intuitive and easy to use.

B1 Systems have been specialising in SAP Business One for SME’s for over 10 years, helping them to simply manage processes like Accounting, Sales & Customer Management, Inventory Control, Distribution, Production Planning, and Analytics & Reporting.


Contact B1 Systems today and see how SAP Business One can improve your business. Get in touch by either calling us on 01889 878 222, emailing us at, or by filling in the form on our contact page.