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MRP software in SAP Business One

Material Requirements Planning  (MRP) with SAP Business One


SAP Business One Material Requirements Planning (MRP) manages MRP through a wizard-based process. This process enables users to define a planning scenario in a few easy steps and predict demand, based on forecasts.



SAP Business One replaces informal, ad hoc, error-prone production scheduling with a more structured process.  This is done by using better information from bills of material, inventory data, inputs from scheduled production and purchase orders, and demand inputs from actual and forecasted orders.


– Reduce stock holding – by buying the right stock at the right time with known lead times


– Make accurate and quick decisions based on accurate data


– Increase customer satisfaction by reducing buying errors based on accurate information



Material requirements planning software is a production and stock control system and is part of the SAP Business One Suite. For SAP Business One the MRP software sits in both the Inventory Control and Production Planning modules. It is one element of the SAP Business One solution. Material requirement planning will allow you to fulfil orders as part of SAP Business One.


In SAP Business One there is an MRP wizard. This SAP MRP tool will look at stock levels and requirements. It helps replenish production and can help with purchasing requirements. It also has other factors such as sales documents, so the system can see what is already planned to go out etc. The system shows stock that needs to be purchased and the amount purchased.


Within the MRP module you can see the order recommendations. It recommends how much of a particular material etc needs to be ordered, how they are to be produced and when the order needs to be fulfilled by. Purchase Orders can be put into a single order to help the buying process thus avoiding confusing and over detailed paperwork. So, in SAP Business One what are the MRP features?

MRP Wizard

Helps you plan and optimize future material requirements and then both manage and execute purchasing and manufacturing recommendations and exceptions


To make the appropriate recommendations, SAP Business One considers various supply and demand sources, including existing stock levels, planned production orders, open purchase orders, actual sales orders, forecasted orders, master data like BOMs, and planning data like lead times and minimum stock levels

MRP results

Exceptionally clear MRP results, recommendations, and exceptions screens allow you to sort, filter, and drill down through MRP pegging information to actual receipts and requirements (forecasts or sales orders) and edit, individual purchase order line quantities


Allow you to build your forecasts based on structured past data and sales forecasts


MRP can be run at any time and used for modelling and ‘what if’ purposes



The main benefits of running SAP Business One Material Requirement Planning are: – errors reduced, reduced direct costs and focus on strategic management rather than stock levels. Also, stock levels can be reduced. Having an ERP MRP tool is crucial for your inventory management. You know what stock is going to be required in advance and can avoid over ordering and thus incurring unnecessary costs.


MRP software is a part of SAP Business One and this component of the system works seamlessly with the other modules. For example, it integrates with the accounting module with the costing of materials. Is this the best MRP software in the marketplace? It would be for you to judge but if it meets your current requirements and has the scope to work for you as the business expands then it will become important for your business moving forward.

The number of different MRP software providers in the UK is considerable. There are so many packages to choose from, making it quite overwhelming for businesses to choose one system. This MRP element sits within SAP Business One and there are so many other aspects to this ERP system. The best thing to do is have a criterion of what you need from a system and stick to this, having in mind what you require now but also what you may well require in the future. This allows you to grow with a system that is adaptable to your needs. We hear of many cases where other systems are inflexible and come to the end of their lifespan with a company, as they cannot cope as the business expands. SAP Business One has the flexibility to grow with your business and avoids the need for you to change system as you expand.

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