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SAP Business One Service mobile app

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Mobile business management software


The SAP Business One team is always finding new ways for companies to work faster and smarter. Introducing the SAP Business One Service App. With this mobile business management software, SAP are another step closer to eliminating all the complexities of ERP software and running a business.


This mobile business management software connects service workers to their business via their mobile device, assisting to increase overall productivity and customer satisfaction. This is all done by giving service workers real-time business information to effectively manage support tickets and boost every customer interaction anywhere, anytime.


A video paints a thousand words so please watch the SAP Business One Service mobile app video and find out more –

SAP Business One’s mobile service software


SAP Business One brings mobile business management software to life by providing on-site services to customers by easily reviewing and resolving assigned tickets.

View Key Performance Indicators

- Monthly closed tickets
- Year in-service rate
- Top 5 fixed items
- Top 5 visited customers


- View your tickets
- Filter tickets
- Check and synchronise tickets in your monthly calendar

Tickets details

Efficiently manage and resolve your service tickets online or offline

Check-in and check-out - remote worker and safety feature

Phone call – easily call your customer

Take a photo – capture important details or images for an open service ticket

Service history – view a list of all other service call records

Location – check the customer’s address on a map

Scan an item – scan a barcode or QR code to identify an item by its manufacturer serial number

Attachment – include important details of a service call relating to your service ticket

Sales orders – easily view, edit, create, duplicate and cancel sales orders

Ticket Summary

Review and capture a report for your service ticket

View and confirm the service ticket details

Capture a customer signature on your phone screen

Create a PDF report

Print the ticket summary on a portable Bluetooth printer

Through real-time data and functionality, enabling easy resolution of service tickets, the SAP Business One Service app brings you mobile business management software designed to give your service team complete control over your tickets and ultimately keep your customers happy. Through the SAP service app, staff can connect directly to core SAP Business One and CRM data via their phone or tablet remotely.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with us today and see a demo of how this mobile business management software can benefit your business.


Making Your Complex Simple.