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Top 10 Business Management Software

What is business management software?


From start-up businesses through to large organisations, every business has processes. Even with the most basic processes, without any form of business management software, staying on top of these can be a real challenge.


ERP software is the future for all businesses. That’s why more and more companies are investing in these types of solutions to simplify things, forecast risks and ultimately improve efficiency.


All in all, top business management software ensures that repetitive manual entering is a thing of the past.

An ERP solution is an integrated software package which allows basic processes to be combined onto one platform. Operating all areas of your business through one solution keeps everything integrated with each other, giving up to date information to system operators.


There are different types of industries which require a system to manage different processes, therefore, business management software comes in all types of forms:

– Database software

– Word processing programs

– Business invoicing programs

– Customer relationship management (CRM) software

– Asset management software

– Shop floor capture

Top 10 business management software


Company size, needs, tasks, processes and much more, all need to be considered when selecting the right ERP software, so choosing one is never easy. To help with this, we’ve done our research and compiled a list of top 10 business management software:

1. SAP Business One


SAP Business One is a powerful ERP solution for small and medium businesses and is part of the very well-known software family – SAP. This ERP system can help a business to run more efficiently and has the power to combine many back-office processes into a single solution.


Best Features


– It’s a time-saving, error-proof solution with availability to automate all your key and basic processes.

– This solution offers fully supported CRM tools, assisting in generating and converting leads.

– A long with its extensive features, SAP Business One’s financial management tool improves scales and margins, saves time and produces real-time information in little to no time.


In the Frontrunners report outlining best ERP software, you can see why they ranked SAP Business One as one of the best.

2. Sage Intacct


Another ERP solution joining the top 10 business management software list is Sage Intacct. Formerly known as Intacct but now parented by the Sage Group, this solution combines integration of cloud technology in finance.


Best Features


– To guarantee complete security against viruses and hacks, access controls are separated by user and profile. This is also to make sure that features and actions are limited to their given role.

– Create easy to read financial reports with its built-in templates, dashboards and graphs.

– To ensure full control over your business’s accounting and finance, Sage Intacct provides you with multicurrency management tools, tax automation, general ledgers (GL), along with much more.

3. Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Part of the Microsoft Dynamics family, this solution is known best for its operating functionality. Guaranteeing intelligence between the system and its various business add-ons, its REST API can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.


Best Features


– The digital intelligence gives users complete visibility over all areas of their business.

– Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides you with powerful data analysis for financial management, including a live view of all your numbers.

– Another feature which segments this solution as top business management software, it gives users full control over CRM by providing product and customer information to your sales team.

4. Oracle ERP Cloud


This is a complete end-to-end solution built to give businesses full control over their processes. This suite provides users with 7 modules in order to simplify and integrate complete automation of their business operations.


Best Features


– Putting it in the top 10 business management software list, Oracle’s finance module supplies users with a scalable, integrated solution specially designed for providing reports.

– This solution offers a portal tailored for suppliers and contactors, bringing full control over your procurement process.

– With the secured risk control repository, you get a financially complaint system that minimises risk.

5. FinancialForce ERP


Another system joining the top 10 business management software list is FinancialForce ERP. This solution is tailored to medium-sized business and it’s best known for its CRM functionality which brings a full view of the entire customer journey.


Best Features


– FinancialForce ERP is built for change. This solution is easy to configure, allowing companies to simply customise the system.

– It gives companies a complete 360° view of their basic processes.

– This business management system offers crucial features for financial management to ensure businesses have full control over their accounting processes.

6. Epicor ERP


This solution is primarily aimed at medium and large-sized businesses and focuses on manufacturing, distribution, retail and services. This top 10 business management software is fully integrated, allowing it to handle the key areas in a business.


Best Features


– To allows users to manage processes from wherever they are, Epicor offers an IOS and Android APP.

– This solution offers a classic or modern user interface for client and browser-based navigation.

– Epicor ERP gives you the option to select only the modules you require.

7. Scoro


This offers an all-in-one solution which unites key business processes, removing the need to switch in-and-out of various systems. Scoro is targeted towards small and medium-sized businesses and aims to provide them with advanced customer relationship management and intelligent reporting.


Best Features


– To accelerate the project management process, this solution enables users to generate and link tasks to its intended user.

– Scoro offers a full view of billable, non-billable, unassigned and finished jobs.

– This solution offers full integration between popular systems such as MailChimp, Outlook, Dropbox, and many more.

8. Infor VISUAL


Infor VISUAL is a fully integrated business management solution tailored for manufacturers, offering functionality to manage the complete operation lifecycle. This solution is built to handle all types of manufacturing processes ranging from planning and rooting all the way to design and delivery.


Best Features


– To ensure on-time delivery, this solution offers smart scheduling.

– Providing you with an entire view of your manufacturing process, helping you to spot issues, monitor production and change schedules.

– This solution supports full scabality in your business’s infrastructure.

9. BatchMaster ERP


This solution is designed specifically for process manufacturers and is built to streamline and manage the supply chain. BatchMaster minimises duplicate data entry, provides easily accessible data, improves the manufacturing process and ultimately your workflows.


Best Features


– This solution provides you with real-time data and insights wherever you are, helping you to make crucial business decisions on the go.

– BatchMaster means users no longer must switch between multiple systems, ensuring that all staff are working efficiently.

– The system makes sure that your business is always up-to-date with standards and policies relevant to your industry.

10. Odoo


Odoo is a business management solution which brings your key business processes all under one roof. It provides you with an ERP solution capable of integrating with a wide range of business management solutions.


Best Features


– With only the need for one solution (Odoo) to handle your business processes, it means you no longer require multiple applications.

– Odoo offers over 100 modules with the option to add more.

– You can deploy Odoo through cloud hosting, on-premise, or dedicated cloud.

Why pick SAP Business One?


SAP Business One is a complete ERP solution which integrates all your key business areas to give you greater visibility on your operations. It’s a business management solution which can benefit any type of businesses including manufacturing, wholesale & distribution, chemical and much more.


It’s the ideal software for growing businesses who have reached a point where they need automated processes and the extra functionality of one system to make processing clear.


Achieve success, whatever your business, with SAP Business One.

Want to learn more about SAP Business One? Why not get in touch with us today and book a free consultation? 


Making Your Complex Simple.