SAP Business One Starter Package - Begin Growing Your Business
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SAP Business One Starter Package

Begin Growing Your Business


You’re never too small to integrate ERP software. With over 80% of customers who run SAP Business One are small and medium-sized businesses, the SAP Business One starter package is designed specifically for small or new start-up businesses.


Forget standalone accounting packages and manual spreadsheets, this application is designed to grow with you!


The SAP Business One starter package is an affordable application which helps you to experience simple and efficient processing. This package, powered by HANA, helps you gain real-time business insights. This application offers only the best features of the industry-proven SAP Business One software at a reduced price, ideal for small companies looking to improve the efficiency and visibility of their business.


You can upgrade to the full version of SAP Business One at any time, meaning you don’t have to switch software as the company grows. Download the full report by clicking on the preview.

Want to learn more about SAP Business One? Why not get in touch with us today and book a free consultation?


Making Your Complex Simple.