Free Process Manufacturing Webinar - B1 Systems
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Webinars from B1 Systems

Discover the benefits for food & chemical manufacturing

June 5, 2019,  11:00am – 11:30am GMT


The process manufacturing industry is one of the most used industries today. With a high amount of demand comes a high amount of competition, having processes in place which increase efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction is what makes you stand out from the crowd.


Growing small and medium-sized businesses are always looking for intelligent business software at an affordable price. The SAP Business One application offers best-practice software designed to address all your manufacturing issues, whilst meeting the budget of SMB’s.


What is the webinar about?


Attend our 30-minute webinar to learn about features and benefits essential to a process manufacturer, including:


  • Compliance
  • Traceability
  • Ingredient Declaration
  • Expiry Dates
  • Warehouse Management
  • Bill of Materials
  • How to Reduce Waste

Register for our free process manufacturing webinar


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