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SAP for small businesses



SAP, standing for Systems Applications and Products, is a global software organisation headquartered in Germany.  The company creates and offers a wide variety of businesses intelligence tools & management software to enable companies to simplify their processes and transform into an intelligent digital enterprise.

SAP Business One is an ERP system which was designed for small and medium businesses to fulfil the requirement for management software to help control their key processes. TopManage Financial Systems built the original system which was acquired by SAP and then the name was changed to SAP Business One.

Hills Plants

SAP Business One is a tool that I know will continue to help us grow.

Greg Hill

Managing Director, Hills Plants



SAP Business One is an integrated system that provides clear visibility of your entire business. SAP Business One for small businesses captures all your critical business data and makes it easily accessible to your whole company. Unlike popular accounting packages and spreadsheets, SAP Business One gives everything which your small business needs to manage all its key business areas.  There are no more requirements to trawl through a mountain of spreadsheets and use so many disparate systems meaning.  You can regain control and visibility of your business by using SAP Business One and what is more this is all at an affordable price!

There are a number of integrated areas within SAP Business One providing small businesses with a customisable solution covering financial management, sales and customer management, purchasing and inventory control, production planning, and analytics and reporting, to save your business time and money by preventing any time-consuming back-office processing.  The system is designed with flexibility in mind, meaning you can choose which areas you want access to and the system can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud.  SAP for small businesses captures all critical data across these modules which can then be made available and usable company-wide.

What are the areas that are offered?

Financial management in SAP Business One, provides your small business with a complete set of tools to streamline and give you full control of your financial processes. By fully integrating your financial operations with other business processes, it allows you to enhance the speed of your transactions and improve visibility into your cash flow.

Gaining new customers is important for the success of your business, but improving and maximising customer relationships is even more crucial. The sales and customer management module in SAP Business One gives the tools which helps you control the complete sales process and customer lifecycle – from first contact to the final sale, and then to the support of the new customer.

With purchasing and inventory control in SAP Business One you can control and manage the complete order-to-pay process, including receipts, invoices, and payments. With the integrated reporting tools, you can compare suppliers and identify the best deals for saving money.

With the production planning module in SAP, you gain accurate data on in and outbound shipments, inventory, and item location. You have full control over your stock, meaning you can monitor stock levels and track transfers in real-time.

SAP Business One’s analytics and reporting module empowers your people to make smart decisions faster. The reports contain all the captured critical business data and makes it instantly available to the whole company.

The beauty of these system is you will become more productive with streamlined processes!

You may have an expanding business or you may require licences for a handful of users for the foreseeable future but whatever you need SAP Business One can set you on the road to joined up processing, with further scope to expand the system’s capability as you grow.

In addition, you can purchase support with the system so you can have someone available when you need to take advice on the system.

SAP Business One is designed specifically for small businesses. With its user-friendly interface and quick implementation time, why not get in touch and book a free demo today and see what this solution can do for you?


Making Your Complex Simple.