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SAP Reporting System

SAP Business One’s reporting module


SAP Business One provides you with powerful analytics and reporting functionality which gives your company the most important insights into all areas of your business.


This SAP reporting system includes a fully integrated version of SAP Crystal Reports, allowing users to gain data from different sources and to create accurate real-time reports based on company-wide data. This gives your business the ability to track costs, revenues and make efficient business decisions.


With the complete integration between Microsoft Office and SAP Crystal Reports, the SAP reporting system allows you to choose between a variety of report formats and gives you complete control of what information is displayed.

Hills Plants

SAP Business One is a tool that I know will continue to help us grow.

Greg Hill

Managing Director, Hills Plants

With the reporting system in SAP Business One, you can take advantage of the real-time access to pre-established dashboards and reports, along with productive tools to support you in decision-making. The user-friendly SAP reporting system allows you to tailor forms and queries to meet your specific business requirements without any form of technical training.

Report creation and customisation

Giving you full access to data from multiple sources and the ability to create new reports and fully customise existing ones in a variety of layouts.

Interactive analysis

Allowing you to export the reports into Microsoft Excel where you can use the standard features to create reports and see your business clearly from a different angle.

Intuitive tools

Letting you take advantage of the drag and relate menu, drill downs, search assistance, and workflow-based alerts.

Analytics and pre-defined KPI reports

Helping you to see a full overview of your business’s performance.

Empower your people


The SAP reporting system empowers you and your staff to confidently make fast but smart decisions by capturing all the key business data. This is then instantly available across your whole company – ranging across sales, customers, operations, and finance. With all this data integrated into the SAP reporting system instead of several disconnected spreadsheets, it eliminates duplication of data, reduces cost, and minimises errors. As the reports are all stored in one complete system, you don’t have to waste time switching between systems to get the data you need.

The main area to focus on is what you need from the reports and what functionality you require.  Having information available quickly and easily in a saved format will make it much simpler to access the information you need, when you need it. The SAP reporting and analytics functionality can also be shown on your desktop or mobile. This means you can gain access to key business information whenever required, therefore, if critical issues come up they can be addressed immediately.

Analytics and reporting


In SAP Business One, utilising a fully integrated reporting system, you can create and customise dashboards and reports that give you insight into all areas of your business. With fully interactive drill-down functionality, you get all the answers you need to your most critical questions. Your staff can attend and fulfil your customers’ needs faster, and managers can track costs, revenues and make efficient business decisions.

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