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The Guide to buying ERP software

The Guide to buying ERP software

In today’s business world, no matter what size company you have, the market is becoming more competitive. Keeping up with competitors is one thing, but always being a step ahead is another. With an ERP system, this can be done. It all depends on timing, picking the right solution and selecting the right partner to implement this.

First, let’s begin on “timing” – knowing if your business needs an ERP solution. I mean, it’s meaningless investing your own time and money into a new business system when your company just isn’t ready.

The main 3 things for knowing your business needs ERP software is: –

  • It’s time to digitalise your organisation
  • Your business is growing
  • Your company is expanding


Or similarly you may be suffering with the following issues: –

  • Not getting the business insights you need
  • Manual processes such as spreadsheets are no longer sustainable as your business and workload increases
  • Systems struggling to cope as your business develops


If you require more help on knowing if you are in need of ERP software check out our blog “Be the first to know if your business needs an ERP system”.

Secondly, you need to know which solution fits your business. Thankfully, iStart put together “ERP Buyer’s Guide 2016” giving reports on 22 ERP solutions. This guide gives a product overview on each ERP system, the appropriate turnover size, ideal industries, if it’s mobile compatible, and all the modules and functions it provides (including special features).

Even though this was wrote in 2016, this still generally applies today. We’d recommend having a read of this if you are a company looking on the market for an ERP system “ERP Buyer’s Guide 2016”.

Lastly the final step is selecting the right partner. Choosing the right partner to supply, plan, and implement the ERP solution is just as important as the ERP software itself. Making sure your selected partner has: the right experience, easily accessible support, and the correct approach is essential when implementing ERP software into your business.

We put together a blog for the solution we sell – SAP Business One – but this still could be some help to you “How to choose the right SAP Business One partner”.

We hope this article was helpful and can become of some use for your ERP journey. If you require anymore information regarding ERP or SAP Business One, please contact us by either calling 01889 878222, emailing, or by filling out the form on our contact page.

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