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Top 5 benefits of process manufacturing software

Restricted bill of materials functionality. Outdated manual quality control processes. These are both key reasons manufacturers look for a system change.

Company size, needs, price, processes, and much more, all need to be considered when sourcing a new system. With so many factors, it can only seem like no solution can tick all the boxes.

But what if I told you there was?

ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One was created to deliver an industry-specific solution to the process manufacturing industry. Designed for SME’s, this solution can offer a whole range of benefits. To keep it short, here are the top 5:

Full production process management

As a process manufacturer, one of the main areas you want to gain from is production. Through SAP Business One you can take full control over key aspects of your production process such as bill of materials, scrap management, co-products, and much more.

Streamlined processes

This process manufacturing software ensures manual processes are a thing of the past. SAP Business One, helps organisations to streamline, automate and manage all their key business processes in one place. With full automation, this not only improves the production process, it minimises time, errors and maximises profitability.

Happier Customers

From accurate production planning and improved inventory management, to enhanced production scheduling and organised distribution channels, all these benefits and features create on-time customer deliveries, and ultimately create a satisfied customer.

Improved Decision Making

Providing you with a 360 view of your entire business, SAP Business One’s process manufacturing system enables an in-depth insight into every area of your business, helping you to manage your day-to-day manufacturing operations. With easy access to key performance metrics, comes faster and smarter decisions throughout your business.

Multilevel Production Planning

ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One allows staff to plan production from three perspectives. The first one is a classic view of manufacturing orders on a Gantt chart where staff can make changes to the production calendar. The second perspective allows planning on a Gantt chart with resource indicators displayed. The last one allows planning directly on a resource with access to information about availability, capacity and alternative resources.

Compared to any other process manufacturing system available on the market, its structure, wide range of functionality, and ultimately low implementation costs, allow it to be the leading solution in the process industry.

Want to find out more? See how our process manufacturing software can take your business to the next level by booking a demo today.

Making Your Complex Simple.

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