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Top 5 benefits of SAP Business One for food

Top 5 benefits of SAP Business One for food

Continued expansion, changes in production, and constant demand for new flavours and mixed drinks create increasing demand for food and beverage industries.

ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One, assists day to day business operations enabling you to become a better run food manufacturer. This solution provides many advantages for the food industry and here we have put together what we believe are the top 5 benefits of SAP Business One for food.

1) Batch Trace Visualisation

We’ve all heard the term “Big Data” and its related problems with data capture, storage, search, analysis, and visualisation (just to name a few). Overall, Big Data is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  With SAP Business One you get a Batch Trace Visualisation tool which allows users to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

2) No more basic quantity values

Does your ERP force you to enter the recipe as basic quantity values?

Most businesses use various systems to manage purchasing, accountancy or sales. However, these systems do not always meet the end to end needs of a growing food and beverage company.  “Why?” you ask. These solutions are normally broad applications for all manufacturers rather than specifically food manufacturers.

SAP Business One powered by ProcessForce, is a solution designed for the food industry. This solution provides you with the flexibility to enter the data in a way which you understand. It enables the user to enter product recipes based on percentage weight values, which calculate automatically the ingredient quantities and totals.

3) Inheritance Method

The life of a product or an ingredient can vary greatly. To manage such variation in expiry date calculation, SAP Business One powered by ProcessForce supplies several options to determine the time period of calculation.

The most effective option is the inheritance method. This allows the food manufacturer to determine rules and methods for controlling inheritance data.

4) Declare food allergens

An estimated 1-2% of adults and 5-8% of children have a food allergy in the UK. Overall, this equates to around 2 million people. Around 30,000 people, each year, require emergency treatment and 150 individuals die due to allergic reactions.

SAP Business One forces you to declare food allergens as part of the ingredient definition and product master details. This ensures no allergen is missed for declaration purposes.

5) No more lost customer orders

How often is it when a product was planned to be sold or used in production you find the batch is near its expiry date or it has expired already?

This can result in a lost order for a customer, lost revenue, and lost profit.

Between a combination of defining a warning period prior to expiry and calculating a planned inspection date – ProcessForce uses these features in conjunction with SAP Business One’s alerts and workflow tools to help reduce these issues.

ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One, implements a practical rich solution for the Process Industry. They support regular business operations and issues by giving seamlessly value-based solutions which are exclusive to the industry and permit those businesses to become a better run process manufacturer.

B1 Systems helps popcorn start-up with SAP Business One

Neil Adams, Company Director, explained “Without doubt, B1 Systems have been a ten-out-of-ten standard. Their telephone support is prompt, their advice is superb and they implement upgrades and amendments quickly without any hassle. I couldn’t be happier with the service levels.”

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