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Top 5 reasons you might need new ERP software

Top 5 reasons you might need new ERP software

Your ERP system is the backbone of your business. An ERP should provide complete visibility and control across of all the main components inside your business, be suitable and easy for the users, and provide you with a competitive advantage. The system which you have in place today may be preventing the growth of your business, which is a part of your business’s future success.

Therefore, we have put together what we believe are the top 5 reasons why you might need to replace your current ERP solution with one which supports your company’s needs.

1.Out of Date Technology

One of the key reasons you might need a new ERP solution is that the technology that you, or your company, might use is simply out of date. In this world, technology is growing by the second and there can be new and updated versions of ERP software launched frequently. All SAP Business One customers with a valid maintenance agreement are entitled to receive updates (patches) and new versions for free.

2.Limitations of ERP Systems

There are many limitations to the smaller programs and fewer limitations to the larger programs. A successful deployment depends on the skill and experience of the workforce, including training about how to make the system work correctly. B1 Systems has a number of highly skilled and accredited SAP Business One specialists who will help with your SAP Business One implementation projects by taking full project responsibility or assisting in specific tasks.

3.Increase Operational Efficiency

Trying to run reports from your fragmented, multiple systems takes time and you are not making the most of the large volumes of data you already have. A single solution such as SAP Business One is as complex as it needs to be for your business to run as it should, but just as importantly, for your employees, it is all about running simple.

4.Money Saving

There’s often a misconception amongst smaller firms that SAP is just too expensive for them. There are also savings to be made from the boost in productivity SAP Business One delivers. By automating critical business processes your business will be able to dramatically drive levels of operational efficiency. That means resources can be moved away from things like data duplication and on to more pressing matters that make or save you money.

5.Improved Customer Service

Your staff may be great at managing customer relationships but it takes more than their skills and expertise to retain customers – your staff also need accurate information to interact confidently and effectively with your clients. Having all of your customer details – contact information, customer history, and relevant client notes – centralised and easily accessible increases your staff’s productivity and focus.

The customer relationship management (CRM) functionality of SAP Business One integrates the entire range of your customer-focused processes and provides a comprehensive view of customer data – for greater business efficiency and customer service.


Why let an insufficient ERP prevent your company’s success? If your current ERP is not the solution, it’s the problem.


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