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Data Visualisation: The real game changer for manufacturers

In the manufacturing industry, most business systems are created and used solely based on their operational efficiency, so getting hold of your key business data can be a quite a task. Every business and industry will see a benefit from data visualization, therefore, tools and platforms which allow decision makers to spot trends and patterns quickly are gold dust to any business. But, when it comes to manufacturers, these tools are especially crucial.

When producing hundreds of products a day, a slight change in operations could potentially cost a manufacturer thousands of pounds. Receiving notifications directly on their mobile device (tablet or phone) – anywhere, anytime – is a must. This allows manufacturers to spot any issues within their process there and then, helping them to avoid any downtime to plant operations.

The perfect solution for process manufacturing


ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One was created especially for the process manufacturing industry. This enables SAP Business One to deliver an industry-specific solution to companies in the following sectors:

Life Sciences


Food & Beverage

Within these three broad industry categories, ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One has been used in sectors including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, supplements, animal products, sealants, glues & adhesives, inks & toners, detergents, soaps, perfumes, seasonings & ingredients, condiments, ready meals, dairy produce, baked goods and snacks, to name but a few.

On top of the operational excellence this ERP solution offers, ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One extracts all your key business data to help you identify all types of opportunities for improving your company.

With the dashboard layout it becomes easier for users to digest the information, spot the root causes of any issues, and get a complete view of their processes and their company.

The Advantages

Data Visualisation provides you with a clear representation of your data. This improves the problem-solving process for any issues, minimising the chance of them repeating.

It gets very hectic for a manufacturing business to keep and run a huge warehouse, but with Data Visualisation, it could not be simpler. You are able to supervise the whole process without having to go through any of the small issues manually.

Your customers are what keeps your manufacturing business running. Data Visualisation enables you to see what your customer is looking for, providing you with tools to better service customer demands.

ProcessForce powered by SAP Business One’s data visualisation tool is a real game changer, especially for the manufacturing industry.

Utilising any data received in your business should be a top priority. Here are just a few more brief advantages this feature has to offer:

Easily gain real-time data and information – anywhere, anytime

Quickly spot any issues and potential bottlenecks in your manufacturing process

Improve the operational efficiency – grow your revenue and success of your business

Simplify large amounts of business data, giving you a better understanding and providing you with actionable information.

Want to find out more? See how our process manufacturing software can take your business to the next level by booking a demo today. Contact us by either calling 01889 878222, emailing, or by filling out the form on the contact us page.

Making Your Complex Simple.

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