What is an ERP System? - B1 Systems
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What is an ERP System?

An ERP system is a software package that combines various elements to allow a business to manage its processes in one system rather than having multiple systems or documents to work from. An ERP system can be modular and some of these systems will allow you to add extra functionality as you go.  This is a great way of building a system over time, so you can add modules when you need them rather than having multiple parts forced on you when they are not required.

There are some core elements that can help your business processes, these can include: –


– Accounting/Financial modules


– Sales


– Purchasing


– Stock Control


– Production


– Service


– Reporting

These modules can provide a real benefit to a business, allowing the company to see clearly the critical elements that it needs to keep on top of with regards to managing company processes and the day to day operations.  In addition, this will give directors easy access to reports, so they can quickly see areas of concern to address.

ERP Systems can be placed in the cloud or on-premise.  Having information in the cloud allows the information to be accessible always.

On -premise means the information is available on a business’s premises and data is not held externally.

Advantages of an ERP compared to spreadsheets and multiple systems

One of the main advantages is that all business information is held in one place.  This means you can enter data once and it’s all available in the system, so it does not have to be re-keyed.

Another advantage is it’s clear where the data is, and you can run reports easily from one system. You are only learning one system saving you from the time and effort when needing to learn multiple systems to get the information you need.

In a business, holding multiple systems means you will be logging in and out of different software packages. Having one ERP system does give a consistent look of the software, making it easy to use and you don’t have to jump between various packages.

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